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About Piperformance Inc.  Celebrating 30 Years!

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About Us and the Body Shop

For more than 30 years Piperformance collision body shops high-quality standard was not just a goal, it’s a way of life. Quality work is a personality, a deep down desire to do the best collision or outstanding restoration job possible with the highest standards that go well beyond the collision repair Industry or OEM averages.

Extremely high quality is another level at our Body Shop, you either have it, or you don’t, we have it and apply it to each and every collision or restoration project we do. All our customers get this high level of quality no matter how they use their car. Auto Enthusiast with a major restoration? Grocery getter with an Insurance claim? Or custom work explicitly tailored for your individual personality.

Great Customer Service

Many-Body Shops don’t understand what customer service is. We know customers need to know their car is in good hands, a shop will do what they say they are going to do and you as a customer are kept in the loop.

Well Equipped

Downdraft paint booth, frame machine, welders (with aluminum technologies), lifts, enough square footage in our Raleigh location to handle any project.

Collision Repair, Show Stopping Classic Restorations

Collision repair, classic restorations, show projects for your toy or for the grocery getter, for some automotive enthusiast's they are one in the same. Show cars get damaged, and classic car insurance covers these as well.

Muscle cars need TLC and meticulous attention to detail.

List of Body Shop Services

Collision Repair, Custom and Restoration Body Shop Services.  
"When Performance Counts, Demand Piperformance"

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Collision Repair
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Custom Work
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Restoration Work

Send us your after photos!  We take many pictures when we repair or restor vehicles, we also take them when we do custom projects but sometimes customers, in their excitment, leave before we can get after photos.  If you would take some after photos of your car and your smiling face and send them to us, we would greatly appreciate it.

Send After Photos

Piperfomance Inc. is the collision repair shop in Raleigh NC.  The ultimate in collision repair, custom and restoration work for classics and resto mods.

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