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News and Announcments

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Whats New and Other Announcments

Listed newest to oldest, we will be posting news and announcments here.  News about the shop, the website, services or other information we feel important.

9/4/2018  Our New Website:  As you can see, we have redesigned our website responsive.  Our web design and managment company handles our website afforbably and effectivly.  Eliminating the need for us to deal with it.  They do a great job.  The most recent update is the redesign using responsive technologies, what's cool is it's included in our managment plan so it has that "feels free" perk that we love.  We highly recommend talking to Robert at www.WDMSEO.com and get a quote.  We will be moving the content from the old site to this new site over time and on a schedule.  For questions or comments, contact our assigned web master.

List of Body Shop Services

Collision Repair, Custom and Restoration Body Shop Services.  
"When Performance Counts, Demand Piperformance"

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Collision Repair
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Custom Work
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Restoration Work

Send us your after photos!  We take many pictures when we repair or restor vehicles, we also take them when we do custom projects but sometimes customers, in their excitment, leave before we can get after photos.  If you would take some after photos of your car and your smiling face and send them to us, we would greatly appreciate it.

Send After Photos

Piperfomance Inc. is the collision repair shop in Raleigh NC.  The ultimate in collision repair, custom and restoration work for classics and resto mods.

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