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Factory Paint and Custom Paint

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Factory Style Auto Painting, Custom Painting and Restoration Painting

When it comes to painting cars, there are many meticiculious steps that must happen along the way, none are as important as keeping things clean.  The cleaner the surroundings, the cleaner the paint.  The more time spent cleaning, the less time will be spent sanding and polishing.  Paint texture is common with factory/OEM painted sufaces, the car manufactureres just do not have the production time to spend wet sanding and polishing each car as it rolls of the assembly line.  It's for this reason we can always beat the look of orginal equipment paint.  We have the experieince you need to apply your collision repair with OEM or better paint for texture, color match and durability.

We also honor all Insurance Company warranties on every collision repaired vehicle our shop completes.

Restoration Work

Collision Repair, Custom and Restoration Body Shop Services.  
"When Performance Counts, Demand Piperformance"

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Collision Repair
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Custom Work
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Restoration Work

Send us your after photos!  We take many pictures when we repair or restor vehicles, we also take them when we do custom projects but sometimes customers, in their excitment, leave before we can get after photos.  If you would take some after photos of your car and your smiling face and send them to us, we would greatly appreciate it.

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Piperfomance Inc. is the collision repair shop in Raleigh NC.  The ultimate in collision repair, custom and restoration work for classics and resto mods.

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